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Derby College, UK

24th – 29th November 2013

The first visit of the Leonardo’s project was to Derby College. After a group presentation on recycling and sustainability in fashion, the students were all given pieces of the same recycled fabric and were asked to create manipulated fabrics, using any technique, and using only materials and tools that were provided. Students used various methods including patchwork, gathering, appliqué, pleating, cutwork and more.  The outcomes were interesting as they all looked completely different, even though they started out as identical pieces of fabric. The workshop enabled students to realise how something obsolete can be transformed into something completely new and that there are so many possibilities. Afterwards, the students had a range of recycled fabrics to choose from, and had to create an outfit that incorporated some of the techniques they had discovered from the first workshop. View the slideshow below to find out what the students created.

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Städtische Höhere Lehranstalt und Fachschule für Mode, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

5 May – 9 May 2014

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Escuela de Arte y Superior de C.R.B.C. Valladolid, Spain

29 September – 3 October 2014

Dado que habíamos organizado talleres distintos, los alumnos formaron dos grupos heterogéneos: el primero “Modelado y Vaciado. Diseño de Complementos” fue con el profesor Benito Rodríguez; el segundo, “Ecobolsa. Decoración y Estampación” con los profesores Rosa Rico y Javier Garrido. Se resaltó principalmente la importancia del reciclaje de materiales para ahorrar energía y proteger el medio ambiente. Como se trataban de talleres eminentemente prácticos, la colaboración de todos fue clave y, como podéis ver, todos nos divertimos bastante.

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Larnaca, Cyprus

27th April – 30th April 2015

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Further Projects – Derby CollegeThings - Lesson Plan

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